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Re: libc6-2.3.1 and perl-5.8 in testing?

Svante Signell wrote:
> What is holding the latest perl and especially glibc from entering
> testing? Many packages depend on them...

Mostly the same thing that has all along: The number of packages that
still need to have their dependencies updated for the new perl, or that
need to go into testing with perl and have RC bugs, or that are out of
date for some architectures.

Looking briefly through the list I posted 2 months ago[1], these include
but may no longer be limited to:

* abiword		FTBFS #161149
  frozen-bubble		out of date on arm
  gimp1.2-perl		out of date on alpha
  gnome-db		out of date on alpha
* libberkeleydb-perl	VERY old FTBFS #104885
  libcdk-perl		hppa FTBFS; no bug filed
  libcflow-perl		out of date on m68k
* libgd-noxpm-perl	still needs rebuild for perl 5.8
* libgd-perl		still needs rebuild for perl 5.8
  libgtk-perl		out of date on mipsel
  libjcode-pm-perl	possibly no problem; weird hppa bin-NMU?
  libnet-ssleay-perl	out of date on hppa
* postgresql		out of date on s390, mipsel 
  			(also has a number of grave bugs..)
  libming		out of date on arm

IMHO, it's time to remove some of the above unmaintained software, marked with
stars, from testing. And in the case of the arches that arn't keeping up,
remove the outdated binaries for those architectures so all the rest can get
in. We have about 210 perl releated (and not so perl releated) packages blocked
from testing due to the few above. Also note that a single RC bug in most any
of those 200+ packages is also enough to keep the whole mess out of testing,
unless AJ pulls some trick.

see shy jo

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2002/debian-devel-200210/msg00185.html

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