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Re: How to write Build-Depends

> > > I have a question about writing Build-Depends. When I made local deb
> > > packages, I referred to kdebase source(kdebase-2.2.2) and the contents
> > > of the Build-Depends confused me.  For example, we can find "zlib1g-dev
> > > | libz-dev" in debian/control in kdebase.  
> > 
> > Writing that sounds pretty much wrong, and unnecessary.
> Hmm.  If "libz-dev" isn't a virtual package, what is it?  
> Did it exist once?

Usually a library development package Provides: and Replaces:
such package to avoid installing several versions of development
package for the same library.

libfoo1-dev Provides/Conflicts: libfoo-dev
libfoo2-dev Provides/Conflicts: libfoo-dev

So that libfoo1-dev and libfoo2-dev (which both provide
libfoo.so symlink) will not be 
installed at the same time.

You can read libpkg-guide if you need more information.


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