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Re: semi-moderating debian lists

Josip Rodin wrote:
> Duncan Findlay wrote:
> > Spamassassin 2.43-1 should work on woody with testing's
> > libnet-smtp-server-perl.
> % dpkg -I spamc_2.43-1_i386.deb | grep Version
>  Version: 2.43-1
> % dpkg -s libc6 | grep ^Version
> Version: 2.2.5-11.2
> As I suspected, it's not as easy as it seems...

Just "apt-get source spamassassin" and compile it under woody.

It worked for me. It catches a little bit more of spam than 2.20, but
maybe not much more. *Please* consider also:

* razor v2.
* crossassassin.

Spam should not be propagated beyond necessity.

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