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[multimedia] ALSA maintenance


ALSA 0.9.0rc5 will be dinstalled tonight. It should fix many of the
compile problems people were having with rc1 and rc3, but some problems
in alsa-driver remain, including the RC Bug#159093.

I've been NMUing the thing for a for nearly two months now, and I'm
already a bit tired, because I never intended doing more than the first
NMU... so we really need a new maintainer, or better yet, a group of
them (alsa-driver is a bit hairy, and bts mail keeps coming in).

Ben Armstrong has proposed that the Debian Multimedia people take care
of all of these packages, and I guess it's a good idea. Bastian
Kleineidam <calvin@debian.org> was also interested in ALSA, are you,

If someone takes it, I'd be glad to co-maintain it or continue helping a

Things to do:

alsa-driver's bug list isn't as long as it was two months ago, but there
are still some unconfirmed bugs and important bugs that should be fixed
ASAP, mostly in the alsa-base scripts. alsa-driver's build system is a
mess, and I can only recommend that it gets repackaged from scratch.

alsa-lib and alsa-utils are mostly trivial packages to maintain.

alsaconf I never touched, and AIUI, it needs some major hacking to get
it working "correctly" with the latest versions of ALSA.

alsa-modules needs to be maintained properly and get updated to current
kernels. rc3 didnt' let me do it, as many modules failed to build.
Hopefully rc5 won't be so bad.

alsa-*-0.5: I recently asked debian-devel about these. This version is
officially unsupported by alsa-project, so I wanted to remove them. All
the feedback I got was "please", "go ahead" and "way to go" :)
Alsa-base should get rid of all the 0.5 references, in that case.

I think that's all I needed to say... who wants to adopt this big baby?

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