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Re: [Desktop] What accounts on a machine?

Alan Chandler <alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk> writes:

> Formally root is uid=0 gid=0 - but does the name "root" stem from anything 
> more than the entry in /etc/passwd?

There is no problem in having multipli accounts with uid=0,gid=0. I
have worked a place where we had mulitiple root-passwords and we had
no problems with that.

(Yes - it might lessen the security but on the other hand we didn't
send out 'internal memos' with new root passwords bimonthly (or how
often we changed the password - I don't remember))

> Ultimately - after some discussion - a concensus might be that you are correct 
> and it should not be changed - but I think we at least have to ask ourselves 
> are these sacred cows really that sacred.

Each piece of the standard setup you change to let newbies use the
system makes it harder for the newbie to get prober help from a local

The name of the uid=0 user I would guess would be one of the least
problems for the newbie but one of the first problems when the newbie
seeks help from some random linux geek.

Changes can be ok but I don't think this cahnge is worth the problems.

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