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[desktop] Don't assume you know users

After reading the discussion list recently, I'm
concerned we'll be wasting our time trying to
convice others of our opinions. So, here's my two
cents worth.

Top 10 things you say when having a
non-productive discussion of user's experience.

10. Users don't what _that_
9.  Users what _this_
8.  _Everybody_ does it that way, so we shouldn't
7.  Here's my screenshot, what do you think
6.  Here's a new widget, what do you think
5.  I moved some stuff around so it would fit
4.  That's the way that Microsoft does it
3.  That's the way we've always done it
2.  I know what the users need
1.  I don't care what anyone else thinks

Top 10 things you say when having a productive
discussion about users.

10. We watched a few users and they...
9.  When using the application, some users
8.  A recent study on the topic says...
7.  The types of users we have are...
6.  We decided against using a focus group
5.  We had non-developers test the UI and
4.  Here's the testplans we had everyone follow
3.  I disagree, but let's test it with some
2.  Based on pre-development UI tests...
1.  Here's the results of the user tests we did




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