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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 8:14 PM, Matthew McGuire at gray@shadowglade.net wrote:

> I am strongly familiar with Windomaker and would happily contribute some
> theme time, and some configuration changes. I can also help write a quick
> FAQ on how to make GNOME and KDE play nice with it as well. (I think they
> actually have this on the WindowMaker.org site.) Anyone else up for that?
Many thanks for your offer.  It would be great to see a really strong
WindowMaker from Debian Desktop with good layout, dock apps, etc.

A few questions, if I may, since you seem to be so knowledgable about

Somewhat recently, there was a falling out between the Windowmaker
development team and the FSF, and Windowmaker went out on its own, quite
independent.  I don't want to get into the why's so much of that event.
Rather, do you think it has significantly hampered Windowmaker development
efforts?  Do you think Wmaker has a good, stable development team that will
be around for the long haul?  Or is the FSF going to drain away WMaker
resources for the sake of GNUStep? And most importantly, have you checked
out those Gillian Anderson themes for WindowMaker?

> By the way, GNOME 2 and WindowMaker do not play well at the moment, as you
> have to disable Nautilus's Draw Desktop feature/bug. :)
> My word that's a lot of email in a short period of time....
Truly.  Kudos :-)

Luke Seubert

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