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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 2:17 PM, Christopher DuPuis at dupuis@syntax.com wrote:

> If this project is targeted at real newbies rather than "switchers",
> then there is no call for being too stingy on memory requirements.
Unless that newbie is from Mozambique or India, where the computers aren't
cheap enough unless they have a slim hardware profile.

Let us not forget that Linux is growing rapidly in less well off regions of
the world, and we need to cater to these users needs for something that
works well on low power hardware.

> How about having three options for desktop configuration: "De-Luxe"
> (installs Gnome or KDE with all the bells and whistles turned on),
> "Normal" (installs Gnome or KDE with reasonably moderate defaults), and
> "Spartan" (no session manager, and just some reasonably nice window
> manager).
I rather like this notion.  This might be a good way to go.  Perhaps phrase
the three different options a bit differently, and include plenty of
explanation with the installer, but yeah, it just might work.

Luke Seubert

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