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Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 1:35 AM, Joey Hess at joeyh@debian.org wrote:

> Well I cannot speak about KDE from direct experience, but I can tell you
> that for gnome, having to explain to a nontechnical user[0] who doesn't
> even know what gnome is (except for that splash screen that comes up
> when she logs in) why some things are on this set of menus, and some
> other, seemingly pretty similar sort of things[1] are all the way over
> here, in this other set of menus, can be is pretty frustrating and
> embarrassing[2].
Hopefully Debian Desktop will be able to simplify the menu hierarchy and UI
so that all this becomes less confusing.

Joey, I have tossed my hat in the ring as a volunteer to help design the
menu layout for Desktop Debian.  You mentioned in a postscript in your email
that you worked on the original menu hierarchy.  May I call upon your wisdom
and experience and feedback when I go to help out with the DD menu design?

Luke Seubert

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