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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

Luke Seubert wrote:
> Perhaps a slight alternative, building upon your idea.  How about, instead
> of "novice" and "expert" choices available early in the install process,
> offerig choices like: "Server", "Science & Engineering Workstation",
> "Cluster Node", "Desktop", "Thin Client", etc.  And of course, there must
> always be available the choice of "Custom", or "Expert".
> Various commercial Linux distros offer choices like this, and tailor what
> packages are installed based upon the usage intended for the computer.

Er, yes. So does debian. Installed debian lately? :-P

> sure that more usage classes than I suggested above could be added, maybe
> with sub-classes - Mail Server, Print Server, File Server, etc. if that is
> what folks want to do.

Yes yes we have all those with those exact names even.

Unfortunatly, what you want to do with a computer is somewhat orthagonal
to how much control you want over how you get there. I might install a
desktop machine and still need to partition the hard drive exactly as I
want it, and hand-edit the X config file. For a general purpose debian
install you really have to ask both questions seperatly. If install
media specially tailered at newbiew desktop users were ever produced,
both questions could possibly be done away with.

see shy jo

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