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Re: non-pristine sources under pool/

Magnus Damm <damm@opensource.se> writes:

> This is a snippet of my XML file which describes the file 
> that is located on a gnu mirror.
> <file>
>    <name>bash-2.05b.tar.gz</name>
>    <size>1956216</size>
>    <md5>5238251b4926d778dfe162f6ce729733</md5>
> </file>
> This file,
> http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Linux/distributions/debian/pool/main/b/bash/bash_2.05b-3.dsc
> tells me:
>  95e836e7adf20a3cbc429609b99ff024 1944574 bash_2.05b.orig.tar.gz
> As you can see the size and the md5-sum differs. 

I have noticed that the tarballs created by `make dist` and
dpkg-buildpackage differ.  It has primarily to do with the way
symlinks in the source package are handled.  Have a look at the
output of `tar tzf` on both tarballs.  This may be source of the
difference you observe.
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