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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

Il 23/10/2002 alle 22:20:06, -0400, Luke Seubert ha scritto:
> Precisely.  One of the hardest parts for folks switching from Windows to
> Linux (and I have personally helped a fair number over the years) is that
> ALL the names for the programs are different.  Couple this with learning a
> new GUI interface, and the effect is most frustrating and disorienting for
> the newbie.  Let's take away this pain by simplifying things wherever
> possible, and using labels, not program names.

The point, the concept and the idea are good, i'm afraid the results
will be bad. Forget Windows, in any case i think Mac is better in that
sense, but this is not the point. The problem is, i verified this with
my experience and experiments too, that if you use the same
names/structures as in Wodnows/Mac to make life easier you will run into
another problem: people then expect the same behaviour, the same way of
configuring, the same way things happen, which is not the case, and they
do not understand the difference they just jump to the conclusion that
"this does not work..etc..". It is better making up names that are
clear, easy to understand by a non unix professional user, avoinding to
copy the feel&look *like* either from Windows or Mac.

In general, but again without copying it, just a good case study, i
would rather take a look on how Apple did the switch from System 9 to
osX, which is Unix/BSD based but still user friendly, at least for old
time Apple users.


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