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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/23/2002 7:24 PM, Marek Habersack at grendel@caudium.net wrote:

> Look at this from another angle. If a user, a complete newbie, is offerred
> two desktop environments they won't know which too choose, it will create a
> confusion, it will discourage them etc. etc. If DD is supposed to be
> successful, it should show the users screenshots before making the choice of
> the desktop and have them choose the one they like better. That would appeal
> to them visually - and that's basically what desktop is all about for the
> newbies... If they make the choice - let them live happily ever after in
> that environment. Later on when they become "power users" they will learn
> how to make choices.

I think that is an excellent idea.  During installation, when asking the
installer "What Graphical User Interface would you prefer as your default",
show them some pics of Gnome, KDE, XFce, Windowmaker, etc.

Of course, we just "volunteered" the folks working on D-I for yet more work
didn't we?  OK, well, let's make that a wishlist sort of thing, and see
where the idea goes.  It needs coders.   And it needs, <cough> some actual
Debian Desktop screenshots to show off too.  We don't have those just yet

Luke Seubert

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