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Re: "removed" archive & snapshot.debian.net

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Fumitoshi UKAI wrote:

> I don't see any good meanings to use "removed" dist.
> Because the reason why package was removed is different with each other.
> So I can see it makes more sense to use pool dist already provided by
> snapshot.debian.net and specify packages you need.
I've discussed several good reasons to have a "removed" archive. The
biggest reason I've found is to give packages a second chance to be put
back into the Debian archive(s).

> To make apt line for the entire snapshot archive, it will need more disk
> space, and I want to use disk space for deb,dsc,tar.gz,diff.gz, not
> Packages and Sources.
How much more disk space? Can you help me with the tools to create such a
line (on a different server if need be).

     Drew Daniels

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