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[desktop] RFD: Can DeMuDi and Desktop Debian unite kernel development efforts?

Two Debian related sub-projects may share a common interest.

One sub-project is DeMuDi - Debian Multimedia Distribution:

The other is Desktop Debian

That common interest is a specially tweaked Linux kernel with low latency
patches applied to it to make it much more responsive for desktop use, and
more suitable for real time audio work.

Question:  Is it feasible for DeMuDi and Desktop Debian to pool their
efforts in jointly developing a specialized kernel that will suit the needs
of both projects?

At present, DeMuDi is the more mature project, and Debian Desktop would
probably be piggybacking on DeMuDi's efforts to date if this were to all
work out.  In time though, Debian Desktop should be able to contribute its
fair share towards a joint effort.

A possible set of patches under consideration by Debian Desktop is the -ck10
patchset against the 2.4.19 kernel.  More info about these patches is here:

An interview with Con Kolivas, assembler of the -ck patches is here:

Thank you for your consideration and suggestions,
Luke Seubert

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