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Re: man page with standard gnome options

On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 02:13, Jochen Voss wrote:

> Sorry, I use GNOME 1.4 at the moment and own the Pennington book.
> So this page was easy for me.  But I have no easy way to find out
> about GNOME 2.0 command line options.  So I will leave this to
> someone else.  

Well, if you can just wait a week, then it will hit sid.

BTW, if you have disk space available, it's very easy to set up a chroot
system where you can log in as usual and play around with say GNOME 2. 
Most of my systems except my laptop run woody, but I have a /sid chroot
on a lot of them where I can log in, build packages, etc.  Here's a
little guide on doing that:

> Maybe the options are not so different and only
> minor modifications are necessary?

There are definitely new options, like --load-modules.

> This way I could use the very useful "help2man" program.
> But as far as I know it only produces nroff output :-(

Ah, I see.  That makes sense then.  I had the impression you wrote it by

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