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Ati Radeon 8500

Anyone who've made ati radeon8500 working with 3d support ?
I've been trying to install the drivers from atitech but there seem to be alot of conflicts.
http://dri.sourceforge.net/ seem to support the radeon so I downloaded and installed it. But when I did start x I got a msg that agp wasn't found.
agpgart is included in my kernel(2.4.19)
When I do dmesg | grep agp
I get msg that tells my agp chipset is unsupported.
then I did lspci to findout which chipset I got, it's "AMD760 agp chipset" which I don't think 2.4.19 has support to.
How do I know which kernel I shall compile that support amd760 agp chipset ?

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