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Re: ITP: Intel e1000 gigabit NIC driver kernel module

On Fri, Oct 18, 2002 at 11:57:02AM +0200, Oliver Kurth wrote:
> > I don't know how easy it is to get the e1000 source, but the driver search
> > page Intel's other pages direct you to for the Linux driver is 100%
> > Windows only.  The current version of the e100 driver is GPL, but the
> > version in Debian is under another license and placed in non-free because
> > of patent issues (which have obviously since been resolved..)  I had to
> > find the current driver because I needed ethtool support for ifplugd.
> ifplugd should work using mii calls with the eepro100 driver... or did
> I miss something? Maybe you could contribute to #164380.

Nope, mii was no more useful than ethtool.  Both claimed the device was
completely unsupported (2.4.19 kernel..)  Unfortunately I didn't save the
mii-diag output, but basically I was able to conclude that mii-tool said
it didn't know the link status.

I was kinda discouraged by the e100-source package since it also did not
support any of the necessary ioctls, but then I found out that the Debian
package is over a year old.  Building a NM(N)U of the package with the
current version worked fine, and the resulting module did support ethtool,
so I considered the problem resolved.

Seems ifplugd acesses the disk regularly though - could be something else
though, haven't investigated yet.  If ifplugd is responsible, I think
that's an issue worth fixing if possible since the primary target is
notebooks which typically have short lifespans when the disk is active.
I've also concluded that Debian's init does too damned much on a laptop,
but I haven't had time to gut it down to just the basics.

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