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Re: bison behavior changed

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, Fumitoshi UKAI wrote:

> bison 1.50 was released, but it doesn't accept ambiguous rules
> that was no problem prior to bison 1.50.  For examples, gram.y in 
> twm in xfree86 [Bug#164486] and drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aicasm/aicasm_gram.y
> in linux-2.4.19.
> Please check packages that build-depends on bison is really built
> with bison 1.50.  There are 295 packages.

As the bison package maintainer, I'd like to hear from people having
difficulties to build their package with the new bison. So far the only
known (to me) problematic packages are pre-3.0 gcc packages, but there may
be more...


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