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Re: Freetype

On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 05:18:43PM +1000, Roger So wrote:
> > how is disabling the bytecode interpreter (used for hinting, right?) a
> > feature?
> See the freetype homepage (http://freetype.org).  Basically, Apple holds
> several patents on the hinting instructions used in TrueType
> (interpreted by the bytecode interpreter), and enabling it may require a
> license from Apple.
> How's that a feature?  Perhaps "preventing potential lawsuits from
> Apple" is a nice feature to have. :)

Has anyone asked Apple to provide a license for Freetype?  Patents are
most often used defensively, I doubt Apple cares one bit whether our
little Freetype library has hinting or not.

Someone should get one of the Apple lawyers to say so, preferably in

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