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Javastation install

I've been trying to do a Debian install with a Javastation(Krups) that I
picked up.

The standard tftpboot.img file that is on the FTP server just causes the
system to reboot, as a result, I created my own kernel for booting the
system. This kernel has been tested with a different root FS, and it
works properly (ie: boots to shell prompt, networking, etc all working)

I took the normal root filesystem in the root.tar.gz file and generated
an embedded filesystem to boot with this kernel.

The point I'm stuck at is that when I get to the point of installing the
base system, everything extracts properly. Then, the system tries to use
dpkg to install the base system, and dpkg terminates with an error like:

dpkg: unable to get lock, no locks available

The root filesystem for the install is mounted via NFS, and there are no
problems reading/writing to that share, AFAIK, as it extracts the files
for the install fine.

Does anyone know why it might be doing this, and if so, a way to work
around it?


PS: I'm not on the list, so please CC me for any replies.


Mike Kelly	<kelly@cs.dal.ca>

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