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Re: Spam: process the web archives?

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Obfuscated addresses are _evil_, and having to authenticate yourself is
> annoying at best -- people don't use the same computer or browser all
> the time, and having yet another stupid password to remember is a loss.
> Not to mention that there are plenty of other archives of Debian lists
> out on the net which don't obfuscate addresses.

Don't be confused. What is evil and annoying is being spammed.

We should not disseminate email addresses from people who subscribed
to our lists or allow others to do so. If this means forbidding
archives of Debian lists which do not protect email addresses, let's
forbid them.

If sourceforge and geocrawler protects email addresses in their list
archives, there is no reason why we should not be able to do the same.

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