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Re: Spam: process the web archives?

Colin Watson (cjwatson@debian.org) said:
> The best compromise I can think of, both for list and bug archives, is
> to display obfuscated addresses unless the user is authenticated
> somehow. I can understand people not wanting to have to log in just to
> view the archives (c.f. loony setups where you have to create an account
> and log in just to report a bug), but what if unauthenticated users got
> everything except unobfuscated addresses, and if you did some simple
> cookie-based login it was all just as before?

FWIW, Apple serves up their their list archives at lists.apple.com only
to users who have http auth'd. The http auth prompt is: "use 'archives',
'archives' or read FAQ for more info".

I don't know how well it actually works though.

Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey

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