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Re: emacs mode for running debuild, debc, and debi etc.

Junichi Uekawa (2002-10-16 16:09:30 +0900) :

> Hi,
> something that I've been playing around for the last few days,
> anyone comment ?
> http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/software/downloads/devscripts-el-0.0.20021016.tar.gz

Gah.  I just *have* to find time to try that for an hour, and (most
probably) spend the next hour adding it to the dpkg-dev-el package.

Roland Mas

S'agirait pas d'atteindre la sublime transcendance du supramental sans
se bouger le fion un minimum... -- in Sri Raoul le petit yogi (Gaudelette)

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