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Re: Bits from the uw-imap maintainer

 > * I would like some people to document how to set up up TLS or SSL in
> > popular IMAP clients (in particular: Outlook, Outlook Express, KMail,
> > Mozilla Mail, fetchmail, and Mutt.)  I will include this indormation in a
> > FAQ.
> You've notably omitted Eudora and Pegasus from this list.
FWIW, to configure KMail:

Click Settings->Configure KMail
Click Network Icon
Click 'Receiving' tab
Click 'Add' button
Select 'IMAP' for 'Account Type'
Fill out form
Click 'Security' tab
Click 'Check what the server supports' button
Click 'OK' (on 'Modify Account' window)
Click 'OK' (on 'Configure' window)

Feel free to pad this out as necessary, or if you want me to flesh it out 
more, let me know.

Komm auf meine Sonnenbarke!

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