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Re: SpamAssassin now used to filter BTS Mail

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Duncan Findlay wrote:

> Cool! Way to go!
> Let me know if you need any help configuring spamassassin, or if you want to
> see something in the upstream that would help you.

Because master is still running potato, and spamassassin requires a newer
perl(at least Makefile.pl does), I had to install spamassassin in

> I hope you aren't deleting all BTS mail marked as spam though, or you
> are at least replying to the sender.

Nope, all is being saved.  Look at master:/org/bugs.d.o/mail/.procmailrc

> You might wish to create customised scores for BTS mail. If you
> put together an archive of spam and nonspam (very carefully separated)
> I can help create optimised scores.

Again, see the above.  Also, doing this would be a lot of manual work, and I
for one wouldn't want to do that.

However, if we have volunteers to do this for the bts, then I am willing to
make it possible for them to do the work.

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