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Re: debian-installer status -- 2002-10-14

If lvm or lvm2 support is desired for the installer, let me know; I'd be
happy to help.

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 04:52:28PM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
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> A bit late this month, sorry about that.
> Previous TODO list looked somewhat like:
> - - partitioning/mkfs/mount stuff needs to be finished up.
> - - dak needs to stop unaccepting new udebs.
> - - prebaseconfig needs to stop using grub directly and depend on
>   {grub,lilo}-installer instead.
> - - a bunch of full-sized udebs needs to be created (more on this below)
> the first item is mostly done, and Matt Zimmermann has made some udebs
> of EVMS and EVMS kernel images available.  To my knowledge, nobody has
> tested them yet.  Bastian Blank has booted the installer on S/390 and
> begun fixing problems related to that port.
> dak is fixed, thanks to our Anthony Towns.  As a bonus, he made a
> symlink from dists/sarge/main/debian-installer to sid's
> debian-installer directory, so we should be able to install sarge
> using debian-installer, not just sid.  This will most likely be
> replaced with a real testing for debian-installer eventually, but
> changes are needed for the testing scripts.
> prebaseconfig's depends have been changed, but nobody has tested it
> yet, so we don't know if it works.
> those full-sized udebs have been created, patches in the BTS, but the
> main one: libc-udeb is waiting for the packaging of glibc-2.3.
> Other interesting things which have happened is that we've broken
> busybox, fixed busybox, broken most other stuff, fixed a lot of it
> again.  Martin Sjögren has done a fantastic job of helping out with
> main-menu, anna and lots of cleanups.  Thanks for helping out!
> The debian-cd team has been busy with integrating d-i into their build
> scripts, and things are forming up.  We actually have bootable (but
> not installable) CD images.  Great work by the CD team.
> So what happens next?
> - - Porting.  PowerPC, Alpha and S/390 are started.  I'd like to see at
>   least a couple arches more beginning to shape up before the next
>   status report.  Also, having some of the *BSD ports around would be
>   nice.
> - - CD images need to be tested, the bugs fixed and we should be able to
>   do more thorough testing of sarge
> - - i18n needs work, both in cdebconf and elsewhere.
> - - slang frontend?  cdebconf has an slang frontend; it is untested.  It
>   also has a gtk frontend which is experimental.  Getting it to work
>   with, say, gtkfb would be cool.
> - - get the udebs missing in, like libc-udeb.
> - - replication (as in kickstart)
> - - evms support
> As you see, things are slowly tightening up and the future looks
> bright.  Porting and tightening things up even more are the most
> important goals right now.
> As always, help, ideas and comments are appreciated.
> (yeah, and if you want to play around with d-i, pick the net install
> boot image from http://people.debian.org/~tfheen/d-i/net-1440.img and
> use http://people.debian.org/~tfheen/d-i as your mirror.  It will be
> noisy, but works. Just tested it. )
> See you around next month.
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