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Re: gconfd and syslog-ng

Hi All!

On 2002 Oct 10, Thorsten Gunkel wrote:
> | Oct 10 22:23:32 thorsten (tgunkel-3595): Received signal 15, shutting down cleanly
> | Oct 10 22:23:32 thorsten (tgunkel-3595): Exiting

The problem is that gconfd doesn't follow the log conventions.

The original logline looks like this:
 <14>Oct 14 22:21:00 gconfd (root-20981): starting (version 1.0.9), pid 20981 user 'root'
 |   |              |      |             |                                               |

syslog-ng try to parse as the following rules:
1., Between < and > there must be a number describe log level and facility
2., After this there may be a date.
3., After the date there may be a machine name. (!!!)
4., After this there may be a program name, followed by ':'
5., After this all, there are the message itself.

The problem with the 3. step.
syslog-ng (becouse gcond use odd nameing scheme) think that the source machine is gconfd and
the program name is (root-20981). But becouse keep_host_name is off, syslog-ng replace the
hostname with the real one.

So I think the problem in gconfd but before I send the bug back to gconfd, I ask the list
about this, to prevent bug reassign marathon.

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