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Re: Bug#164594: libzvt2.0-0: Breaks font selection broken in Gnome Terminal

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 10:04, christophe barbe wrote:
> ReRead below and see that you repeat two times the same thing.
> Note that I am using gnome-terminal all the time and I have a custom
> font. That said I believe that to be able to change the font from the
> preferences dialog, you need a few stuff from gnome2 experimental, like
> gconfd-2. 
> You can upgrade to gnome2 or get the version 1 gnome-terminal or use
> another term like multi-gnome-terminal.
> If there is a bug it is NOT at the font selection level but rather in
> the fact that gnome2 is mostly stuck in experimental with a few apps in
> unstable.
> Christophe

I had the same problem with font selection that Zephaniah and Jose had
(which previously had been working), and I've been running gnome2 from
unstable for months now. 

Font selection does not work here with:

libzvt2.0-0_2.0.1cvs20021009-1_i386.deb, which is current
libzvt2.0-0_2.0.1cvs20021009-2_i386.deb, which is in incoming 

it does work here with:

 libzvt2.0-0_2.0.1-4_i386.deb, which was in my archive.

First Impressions are Bunk.

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