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Re: [donation] AlphaServer 1000A 5/400

Mako Hill (mako@debian.org) wrote:

> A donor has offered an AlphaServer 1000A 5/400 to Debian. It's in
> excellent condition, it's already running potato, and it doesn't
> include any external peripherals.
> Please respond to me directly if you are interested and could put it
> to good use. The machine is located in Edinburgh, Scotland and is
> quite heavy so geographic proximity is important. Priority, as usual,
> goes to the admin-team, official projects, to developers, and to
> alpha-specific needs although none of these are requirements. Be sure
> to describe what you would use it for.

Another Alpha is badly needed for the Alpha port. I'm in the US so that 
pretty much rules me out as a taker. If someone in that area can take it, 
please do as I'd hate to see it go to waste or simply lose it.

Email: <rbf@farrer.net> or <rbf@debian.org>
Home:  <http://farrer.net/~rbf/>

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