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Re: Bug#164127: RFP: conglomerate -- Structured information authoring [...] and transformation system.

Roland Mas (2002-10-10 14:17:44 +0200) [In bug #164127] :


>   What looks interesting to me, though, is mainly the XML editor.
> [...] it looks like *the* last element missing for at least some
> organisations to switch from Word/WYSIWYG editors to Docbook.  In my
> experience, Docbook is attractive to people, but they don't want to
> type those SGML or XML tags by hand.

  Following up to myself...  There seem to be at least two other
interesting XML editors out there.  One is Thotbook, and it has
already been RFP'ed (cf. bug #112478).  The other one is Getox
(cf. <http://idx-getox.idealx.org/>), and it has already been packaged
but not uploaded to Debian.  Both seem to be rather dormant upstream,
unfortunately, but I believe they are at least somewhat usable.  I
won't request for their packaging (or uploading), but I hereby suggest
that someone give them a look :-)

  Same as for Conglomerate, if someone is interested in packaging or
repackaging them and needs a sponsor, I'd be happy to be that sponsor.

  Thanks for your attention...

Roland Mas

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