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Bug#164127: RFP: conglomerate -- Structured information authoring [...] and transformation system.

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : conglomerate
  Version         : 0.1.2
  Upstream Author : Hans Petter Jansson <hpj@helixcode.com>
* URL             : http://www.conglomerate.org/
* License         : GNU GPL
  Description     : Structured information authoring [...] and transformation system.

Quoting from their website:
| Conglomerate is a project to create a complete structured
| information authoring, management, archival, revision control and
| transformation system. Conglomerate uses XML semantics and powerful
| graphical editing, coupled with a centralised storage model and a
| flexible transformation language to create an environment which is
| easy to use, produces high-quality structured output, and lets the
| user target several output media with a single source document.

  What looks interesting to me, though, is mainly the XML editor.
Screenshots are available at <http://www.conglomerate.org/shots.html>,
and it looks like *the* lst element missing for at least some
organisations to switch from Word/WYSIWYG editors to Docbook.  In my
experience, Docbook is attractive to people, but they don't want to
type those SGML or XML tags by hand.

  The website seems rather old, but the -devel mailing-list still
lives, it seems.  I believe being packaged would bring this promising
piece of software the audience, visibility and bug reports, in a word
the momentum, it needs for its development to accelerate towards a
complete 1.0 release.

  Please, someone?  I'll be glad to test and sponsor this package if
you're a new maintainer and feel interested *hint* *hint*.

Roland Mas

With the arrest of Dimitry Sklyarov it has become apparent that it is not
safe for non US software engineers to visit the United States. - Alan Cox

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