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Re: Bug#164057: ITP: gkrellongrun2 - LongRun plug-in for GKrellM2

Taku YASUI wrote:

> > > * Package name     : gkrellongrun2
> :
> > It is possible to follow the convention name for gkrellm plugin ?
> > 
> > gkrellm2-<plugin-name> for gkrellm version 2.x
> > gkrellm-<plugin-name> for gkrellm version 1.x
> I thought it is convenient.  But, the name of gkrellmms for
> gkrellm2 is "gkrellmms2".  So, I named this "gkrellongrun2".

I suspect that the maintainer of gkrellmms/gkrellmms2 simply observed
the repetition of the letter "m" (gkrellm-mms) and decided it would look
snappier to leave out the repeated letter.

> I think we should integrate package naming policy of gkrellm
> plugins.  Because it is easy name to find for users.

Yes, consistent naming would be a good thing. The usual practice seems
to be <base-package-name>-<module>, e.g. xmms-flac, gkrellm-mailwatch,
etc. Inconsistencies are not uncommon (smpeg-xmms, gkrellmms) but are
not desirable, IMHO. So I suggest sticking with the usual practice,
perhaps even suggesting fixed-up names for the existing inconsistent
packages. Your package, I think, should be called gkrellm2-longrun.


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