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Developer job near Boston (Tewksbury on 495)

[ Sorry if this is annoying, but it doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.
  I did this last year and nobody particularly minded... ]

We're looking for a developer to improve and run our development
infrastructure.  Many experienced Debian developers probably qualify.
If you suggest someone we hire, you get $1000*.

The development environment is centered around homespun software which
drives the version control system and manages source packages along
with a somewhat complicated cache of object code (in general, nothing
ever gets built twice).  As with dpkg packages, our packages have
several targets, various interdependencies, assorted attributes, a
lintian-esque checker, etc, etc.

We work on Debian.  The product runs Linux on a pile of high-end
non-x86 processors (think farm in a box).  There are no nasty AIX or
VxWorks pains here ;)

The usual Debian developer skills are required (most of C, Perl,
Bourne, CGI, Make, CVS, Clue, etc).  Some development experience
desirable.  This is a regular full time job here in Tewksbury.
Relocation is unlikely; telecommuting would be impractical.

The company is a wireless telecom startup called Starent Networks.
See http://www.starentnetworks.com.  We're two years in, with a
substantive product, a swell OEM partner or two, and decent funding;
it's a good firm.

* No recruiters or agents, there's a form, etc.  See:

Grant Taylor - gtaylor+debdev_cjgii100802@picante.com 

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