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Re: "Description improvement" probably not

En réponse à Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>:

> I _know_ that there are many many ways for anyone who has the least
> bit
> of energy to improve the descriptions of Debian's packages. I myself
> have filed hundreds on substantative bugs pointing out grammatical
> errors, unclarities, bad English constructs, malformatting, audience
> issues, and lots of other ways that package descriptions can be
> improved, and have been glad to see the complaints lead to better
> desciptions. Other developers have done very impressive work with
> projects like the several ispell runs against the whole packages file.
> But an automated script[2] that attempts to enforce an obscure point
> on
> which we cannot come to a consensus is not any help at all.

I agree with this. I recall this discussion and I remember that
Branden Robinson proposed to leave everything uncapitalized and
to leave package frontends decide whether to capitalize the
This solution sound reasonable to me.


Jérôme Marant <jerome@marant.org>


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