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Re: Regarding BitKeeper and its price list

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002 09:37, Joseph Carter wrote:
> I don't think it's at all inappropriate.  What I do think is inappropriate
> is that Debian characteristically DOES NOTHING when these kinds of events
> present themselves.  What exactly does this project stand for anyway?  If
> I believe the propaganda, Debian stands for software freedom and the
> freedom to choose which software is most appropriate for your needs.

Isn't the political side of things supposed to be the realm of SPI?

> Currently, we aren't doing that.  In fact, we're not even trying.  Debian
> does not exist inside a vacuum.  Frankly, with some of the crackpot plans
> put forth by some companies (legally mandated DRM hardware, Palladium,
> etc), Debian could find itself unable to exist at all.  We need to start
> defending our interests while we have interests to defend.

The Freedom processor is an interesting project for this.  It's a project that 
aims to design and develop a free (as in speech not beer) CPU core that's 
64bit RISC with SIMD support and all the usual features.  If successful it 
will provide a viable alternative to TCPA CPUs.

The web site seems to mostly date from early 2001, but if you follow the links 
you'll find evidence of work as recent as July 2002.

I have just sent an email to whygee asking what I can do to make Debian a 
better platform for f-cpu work.  For anything that takes more time than I 
have available I will post it here as a RFP.

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