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Re: Bug Tracking System now supports MIME

On Sun, 6 Oct 2002, Colin Watson wrote:

> Hi,
> New versions of the bug tracking system's mail-bots with full support
> for MIME have been rolled out. This means that you can now safely submit
> bugs with attachments without having to wait for the bug number to come
> back, GPG-sign bug submissions and control messages, and so on. (MIME
> always worked in contexts that didn't require scanning mail bodies for
> special text, such as follow-ups to existing bugs, and in other contexts
> used to work only if you were lucky.)
> If you encounter any problems with MIME submissions or notice any
> glitches as a result of these changes, please report a bug on the
> 'bugs.debian.org' pseudo-package. If you have problems doing even this,
> please contact us directly at owner@bugs.debian.org. It will help to
> include the full MIME-encoded mail you're trying to send, complete with
> headers: the BTS should return this to you with any error messages.

Ya, I have a problem.  You're making all us old-timer owner@bugs people look
bad.  Doing something so big so soon after joining.

But seriously, this is great news.  Keep up the good work.

ps: next week there'll be another big bts announcment.  Stay tuned.

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