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strange freeze thing since mid of Sep

It is very strange. From mid of September I met the following but: after a
while (could be few ours, few minutes, or 1-2 days) my computer freezes
suddenly. No log, no any panic message or something, absolutely
freezes. The scroll lock, and num, and caps does nothing after that. When
I realized this could be a real problem (no power failure) I suspected
this is a hardware bug. But very interesting, because before Sep id worked

Then I met a friend who told me he saw the same problem, on servers, so he
changed all of the hardware components, the error was the same. The HDD is
lighning, and no response after the accident. Me, and He tried with
previous kernel versions (which worked well before) but with the same
effect, no further idea, what is wrong.

So I wrote this message hoping that anybody met this case, sincemid of
September, so _maybe_ it is because a buggy upgrade, or what...

PS. please cc me the possibly replies, because I don't read the deb-dev
list nowadays.


Tamas SZERB <toma@rulez.org>
GPG public key: http://people.debian.org/~toma/gpgkey-toma.asc
GPG ID: 69C0FA93

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