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Re: Who are the guys responsible for testing?


Okay, I documented it this way:

  My package is stalled because it's out of date on some architecture.
  What do I do?

   Check the status of your package in the build log database. If the package
   doesn't build, it will be marked as failed; investigate the build logs and
   fix any of the problems that are caused by your package's sources.

   If you happen to notice that some architectures have built the new version
   of your package, but it isn't showing up in "testing" script output, then
   you just have to be a bit more patient until the respective buildd
   maintainer uploads the files to the Debian archive.

   If you notice that some architectures haven't built your new version of
   the package at all, despite the fact you uploaded a fix for an earlier
   failure, the reason is probably that it's marked as waiting for
   dependencies (Dep-Wait). You also see the list of these so-called
   wanna-build states to make sure.

   These problems usually get fixed eventually, but if you've been waiting
   for a longer period of time (say, two weeks or more), notify the
   respective port buildd maintainer if such an address is documented on the
   port web page, or the mailing list of the port.

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