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Re: updatedb/mtab/mounts problem

Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org> wrote:
> Roland Mas (2002-10-03 13:47:31 +0200) :
>>   My initial problem was: the s?locate database is empty.
> [...]
>>   Now my current problem is: who gets the bug report?  mount, for
>> keeping inaccurate info in /etc/mtab?  Or find, for using the wrong
>> file (strace shows it uses /etc/mtab and not /proc/mounts)?  Or
>> slocate?

>  Blah, blah, blah.  I really should scan the list of bug reports
> before sending email, even if the composing of said email was done
> while I was at home off the net.  This has already been reported as
> bug #113139, and I do concur with the submitter.

It is also available as #116288 and #119603.

I'd suggest using "ext3,ext2" instead of "auto" as temporary
            cu andreas

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