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Re: Debugging makefiles


Richard Braakman:
> I see you have never had to deal with automake.
Automake is easy. It transforms a given list of variables with defined
meanings, which happen to live in a Makefile.am file, into a Makefile with
rules which have names which (most of the time) actually say what the
target is supposed to be doing.

In other words, given a malfunctioning Makefile.am, I sometimes glance at
the resulting Makefile, but most of the time the problem is evident from
the error message make emits (how to arrive at the solution in a clean and
future-automake-safe way is a somewhat different matter).

It does build a big Makefile which is somewhat intimidating at first, but
so is all the stuff you need to think about when you write your first
project, especially when you want to do something that's almost, but not
quite, entirely unlike the code debhelper produces.  ;-)

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