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Re: new maintainter process [was: Re: Orphaning my packages]


I have started an investigation on what holds each application
(All of you that have waited for longer than about one and a half
month should have recieved a personal mail. That took some time)
so if anyone know anything about a specific application and what
holds it, then please let me know.

I have recieved replies from a couple of people now but I'm waiting
for more information before I make a report to the DAM.

Please use a clear subject so I know how to sort your messages.
I want clear information about everything that can hold back each
individual application so that can be sorted out in a nice way.


// Ola

PS. DAM: I hope you do not mind if I do this work for you. :)

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 10:13:25PM -0500, Graham Wilson wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 08:02:37PM +0300, Yotam Rubin wrote:
> > These packages are being orphaned as a result of an unreasonable delay
> > in my application. Around 1.7 years ago, I initially submitted my
> > application.  After going through the AM phase, which took a few good
> > months, I awaited DAM approval. I waited for 6 months, during which I
> > was never contacted by anyone relevant to the procedure. After being
> > ignored both by the DAM and the frontdesk, I withdrew my application.
> > A few months ago, I decided to give it another shot. I was advocated
> > and moved to the AM queue.  Shortly after I was removed from the queue
> > and was told that my application is likely to experience the same
> > inexplicable delay as before and that I have absolutely no chance of
> > becoming a Debian developer. During all this time, no one has told me
> > why the idea of me becoming a Debian developer is so ludicrously
> > far-fetched. I must have contacted the DAM three times and other
> > figures even more, not once receiving any sort of response.
> is this a common problem with the new maintainer process? does anybody
> have any hints as to why this took so long?
> --
> gram

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