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Re: Orphaning my packages


On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 08:02:37PM +0300, Yotam Rubin wrote:
> thttpd -- Has a few bugs, nothing too difficult. Experience with C and 
>           networking programming is recommended.


Will need a bit of time to get started well enough to do it
properly, and appreciate hints and tips.

If anyone wants to object, please step forward.

> These packages are being orphaned as a result of an unreasonable delay
> in my application. Around 1.7 years ago, I initially submitted my application.
> ...
> no one has told me why the idea of me becoming a Debian developer is so
> ludicrously far-fetched. I must have contacted the DAM three times and 

Sad to hear that the old problem isn't yet cured.


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