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Re: Want to help the SE Linux work?

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002 21:04, Brooks R. Robinson wrote:
> | I've said all this (and more) on the SE Linux mailing list and
> | the SCC people
> | have chosen not to respond to my messages.  The SCC people also
> | tend to post
> | unsigned messages that don't identify the person or department
> | responsible
> | for them.  :(
> Have they not heard of investigating e-mail headers to see the IP address
> that a particular message came from?  This seems odd from a bunch of
> security people....

Presumably I could track down IP addresses to prove whether or not the few 
messages in question came from SCC if that's what you are referring to.  
However that's not the issue.

I expect all business correspondance to comply with the British regulations 
for such things (not because I have a great attachment for British law but 
because they make sense).

Business correspondance should include the company name and identification 
number along with the country where it's registered for international 
correspondance.  It should have the company's official postal address for 
reply mail.  Also it should be signed by a person representing the company 
with their name, job title, and department (if relevant) listed.  Also all 
relevant contact details should be provided, including phone, fax, and email 
address.  When I receive an official business letter I expect to be able to 
contact the person who wrote it directly, or to be able to direct general 
enquiries to the company at my own choice.

Failure to do so indicates a lack of professionalism, the ease of obtaining 
such information or the lack therof has no bearing on this.

NB This applies to formal business correspondance (IE anything for which legal 
advice was obtained).  Informal correspondance does not require the same 
standards, neither does correspondance with small companies (which in many 
cases are just individuals acting on their own behalf).

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