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Re: Optimized compilation

> Perhaps by setting "DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE=i686-linux" in your environment
> before calling debian/rules?

I tried

$ dpkg-architecture -s > arch
$ vim arch
$ eval `cat arch`
apt-get source package --compile

But it built for i386... So dpkg-architecture reverse every x86 to 386,
but if i686 is passed in the variables, dpkg-buildpackage or anything
next treats it as i686 !

> There's nothing in policy that requires packages to transparently
> allow you to optimize for a subarch.

But what is the purpose of dpkg-architecture ? In the manpage, I read
	dpkg-architecture - set and determine the architecture for
	package building

IIRC, some archs have subarchs that *need* specific compilation or
modifications (m68k ?...). How is compilation done with them ?

le Moine Fou
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