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Finally, stable hardware.

As some of you may know, I've not had a stable Intel platform since mid
June. I've been managing to limp along using my Sparc to send e-mail, but
I've not been able to do any Intel work since my development machine lost
both serial ports, as well as its PS/2 port, so no mouse, and not
dialout...  An un-named hardware vendor has been working since then to get
me a working DVD booting system as a replacement, and as of this date have
completely failed...

So, a mother board, a hard drive, a few minor pieces/parts and a weekned,
and I've got my old development system back running under stable hardware
that can get onto the net and everthing!!! ;-)

Libgmp3 :

I've received several patches from folks and not had the time to make
reply. Rest assured that these patches will go into the next release, and
that, with any luck at all, I'll have something for upload by the end of
next weekend. I'll have to work through the old mail on my Sparc to get at
least two of them, so if you've sent me one and aren't sure that I got it,
feel free to send it again. You will not hurt my feelings ;-)

Now that I have a fully working machine, I'll be able to stay on top of
things a bit better. Thanks for your patience.


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