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Re: FWD: When conffiles get cut adrift

On Sat, Sep 21, 2002 at 02:17:35AM -0400, Andrew Pimlott wrote:
> Which raises the question (that I should have asked initially) of
> what the default answer should be.  99% of users will want the old
> conffiles removed, but can we count on the 1% to answer low-priority
> questions?
> I too would hate to bother users with this, but can it be avoided
> when conffiles move?
> Perhaps leaving the old conffiles behind is the best we can do, but
> this seems awfully un-Debian.

Create a shared debconf template to ask, wether one wants to keep all
phased out in place, in a special location (like /var/backups/),
removed, or specified on a per package basis.

In the last case, ask the question again for the current package.

Regards, David
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	-- Dieter Nuhr (www.nuhr.de) in der Wiener Remise, 2002-08-02

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