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Re: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Adam Heath wrote:

> A ton of mails like the one in 117853(sent to a -close, arg!) are spam.  These
> mails caused messages to bounce to owner@bugs.
> I've blocked 2 froms(andrea@berlin.com, andrea@cliffhanger.com), so the bts
> should drop any more emails.
> However, if any of your bugs have been closed, you will have to reopen them.

Er, update.

I've blocked *ALL* mails from heather@, katie@, and andrea@.  This is using a
simple match based on from, that the bts does internally.

Tomorrow, I'll get something better installed.

Procmail(so we can do some kind, any kind of filters), and spamassassin to a
separate mailbox(that owner@bugs will watch, to see how it performs).

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