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Re: Sid & Openoffice

First of all: the last upgrade of the ttf-openoffice package broke
these fonts on my systems (it moved the font files apparently, but did
not remove the fonts.dir, fonts.scale, XftCache files.
So the fonts were found first by X there, but these were unuseable.

removing the fonts.dir, fonts.scale etc. files in empty font directories
in your path could do the trick.

> Note that I could *not* get mozilla to work when I specified
> any of the other truetype directories listed in XftConfig
> above.  'mozilla --debug' spat out that each of those
> directories contained at least one font with zero glyphs.
> Then mozilla died and returned the command prompt.

Yep, mozilla is broken on LOTs of fonts, including most ttf-openoffice
fonts and lots of the fonts in my ttf-larabie-* packages.
I also have the impression that this affects defoma, too.
That's why i didn't add defoma support to these packages yet...
but the defoma maintainer doesn't reply.

I have defoma-enabled packages on
but these take some HOURS for me to install... seems like some defoma
scripts (x-ttcidconf, gs) are getting really slow on some of these

FONTS ON LINUX ARE BROKEN. That is the final point here.
Seems like redhat decided to use fontconfig everywhere, probably we
should do that, too...


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