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Re: conflicting definitions in /usr/include/

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 01:27:33PM -0400, Nathan Hawkins wrote:
> >Well, if there is no alternative, I guess you can't avoid it. It also makes
> >the code linux specific. But when it comes to networking stuff which works
> >cross platform/architechture, use the interfaces provided.
> Can that simply be disabled on non-linux ports?

In some of the iputils stuff, yes, but in some, no.  Last night I
removed all of traceroute6's dependencies on /usr/include/linux/.
Unfortunately, tracepath and tracepath6 are designed around Linux error
queues, which I do believe are Linux specific.  I don't think those
programs can be made to work on other systems.

> >If it works across all the required platforms, you've suceeded. Ofcourse,
> >when BSD and Hurd get added to Debian, you can do it again :)
> __u32 is a typedef to uint32_t. Is there a good reason why the code 
> isn't just using uint32_t?

There wasn't, which is why all of the kernel types have been replaced.
There were a lot of other preprocessor symbols and structures and things
that don't exist in libc.  Structures like sock_extended_err (from
linux/errqueue.h) are used in the iputils ping programs, and I'll need
to modify them in order to get them to work when these aren't available.


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